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Industrial engineering (IE) Hasanuddin University is concerned with designing and improving systems to make products or provide services. IE looks at the “big picture” of what makes organizations work best. Students in the Department of Industrial Engineering learn and research how to design, improve, and control systems of people, materials, information, equipment, energy, and capital to increase quality, safety, and profitability. Industrial engineers provide innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by virtually all enterprises operating in today’s global economy.

If you are interested in a professional engineering career focused on the “big picture” challenges faced by manufacturing and service enterprises, the Department of Industrial Engineering Hasanuddin University offers accredited bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.

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The first and the second OSCM conferences were successfully held in Bali in 2005 and in Bangkok in 2007. The two conferences had been able to draw participants from over 30 countries. As a result, we have been able to establish a pretty good link among operations and supply chain management scholars around the word. Aside from the conference, we have also published Operations and Supply Chain Management: An International Journal.

As for the two previous conferences, the OSCM Malaysia 2009 is expected to draw participants from Asia Pacific regions as well as from the rest of the world. The increasing role of Asia and Pacific region in the global supply chain has made this conference a really interesting and important avenue for anyone looking for better understanding of operations and supply chain management.

This conference is to foster discussions and exchange of ideas about the developments of operations and supply chain management from researchers and practitioners. In addition to regular sessions, there will be a special session on managing OSCM research, which is dedicated for emerging scholars and doctoral students and teaching OSCM with cases.

The organizing committee is pleased to invite you to participate in this conference. The conference will be held at the modern AIMST campus in Bujang Valley, an exotic place in Malaysia and close to various tourist destinations.Call for papers is now available at: http://www.oscm- forum.org/ oscm2009

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