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Industrial engineering (IE) Hasanuddin University is concerned with designing and improving systems to make products or provide services. IE looks at the “big picture” of what makes organizations work best. Students in the Department of Industrial Engineering learn and research how to design, improve, and control systems of people, materials, information, equipment, energy, and capital to increase quality, safety, and profitability. Industrial engineers provide innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by virtually all enterprises operating in today’s global economy.

If you are interested in a professional engineering career focused on the “big picture” challenges faced by manufacturing and service enterprises, the Department of Industrial Engineering Hasanuddin University offers accredited bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.

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Sharing Inspiration Internet and Marketing

Saturday, April 25, 2009 |

Industrial Engineering Hasanuddin University in cooperation with Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) South Sulawesi and PT. Telkom (SPEEDY) conducted guess lecturers with theme Information Sharing and Internet Marketing.(April 23,2009) At this event speakers attended, among others, Mr. Widarto (PT. Telkom) and Mr. Yuhardin (http://scriptintermedia.com)
The purpose of this event are :
1. How to apply Job application via the internet
2. Work as marketing, How and What?
3. How to do business and doing promotions with the internet

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